Saturday, August 1, 2009

How this Blog got started?

It happened approximately 4 weeks ago. My nephew and his family were visiting us for a few days and one morning we were brainstorming the current economic situation. During that discussion my nephew suggested that I should start a blog. His idea also had instant support from my family. The decision was therefore made to start a blog. A lot of things happened since then which kept me procrastinating and I was finally told by my family to eat my”frog”. If you are wondering about the “frog” just be patient there will be a post on that topic too. However I did promise my family that the blog will be started by August 1, 2009.

The next step of course was to set up the blog and the best way to do it for the novices like me is to set it up at That part was of course easy. The difficult part was to decide the purpose of the blog and to select a blog address.

The idea about the blog was started because of a discussion regarding economy, however at least to start with I found it too restricting. After some thought, I decided to name my blog “Musings”. The word “Muse” is very interesting word. According to the Webster dictionary “Muse” means “to become absorbed in thought; esp: to turn something over in mind meditatively and often inconclusively”. This is exactly what I wanted to post in my blog.

Once I decided the title the next step was to find the suitable web address for the blog and that is where I went through a challenging and frustrating experience. Not only “Musings” was not available, all synonyms for “Musings” were taken. The same applied to titles such as “Thoughts”, “Random Thoughts” etc. Many of theses blog addresses were taken 3, 4 years ago. It was frustrating. Then approximately two weeks ago there was this incident about Harvard Professor Gates being arrested in his own house in Cambridge, MA. I and my wife were discussing this topic over the breakfast when suddenly the thoughts came that this incident could have been averted if cooler heads had prevailed on both sides and I told my wife that I think I got the web address for my blog. I ran up to my computer and hit “coolheads” on and of course it was taken almost 5 years ago. However this time instead of being mad and frustrated, I did some cool thinking and decided to change the letter “c” in “coolheads” with letter “k” and searched for ‘koolheads”. Bingo! it was available. This is how this blog was setup. This blog is therefore about my musings without any serious attempt to reach conclusions. However an attempt will be made to look at these musings from a detached and calm view point.
Welcome to “Kool Heads” at