Friday, December 11, 2009

The Maturing of a President

President Obama acceptance speech for 2009 Nobel Peace prize shows that he has finally taken ownership in being the President of United States. The award of Nobel Peace Prize to Obama was one of the most blatant inducements by the Left Wing to motivate the new and young President to follow their agenda. Obama’s eloquent speech supporting and defending the “just wars” has not only shattered their dream but was also a fitting reply to all the Chamberlains who have hijacked the media and academia in the West.

The hypocrisy of the Left is that they enjoy the benefits of living in secular democracies and lecture their leaders while they kiss up to the dictators. There are violent protests organized by Left Wingers to save dictators like Saddam Hussein while they are silent on the imprisonment of leaders like Aung San Suu Kyi. They want to read Miranda rights to the foreign terrorists while caring little about the victims and their families. In Oslo, Obama put his foot down and has finally become the President of United States. He deserves our congratulations and support.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Missing Peace Laureate

President Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize today. The awarding of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Obama has drawn considerable criticism. It was a big surprise for everyone, including Obama himself, as he has been President for only nine months and has yet to deliver meaningful results. Obama himself humbly admitted he does not deserve the honor. This year's decision gives further credence to past accusations that the Nobel Peace Prize has become a political award.

Mahatma (The Great Soul) Gandhi, the very apostle of peace, was not chosen for the Peace Prize despite being nominated five times, the last time in 1948 just before his assassination, presumably because Norway feared annoying the British Government. The Selection Committee was ashamed enough that they did not award the 1948 Peace Prize to anyone.

Gandhi not only mobilized India’s 330 million people to freedom from 200 years of British rule, he did it using solely non-violent means. Upon Gandhi’s death, Albert Einstein said, “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.”
Gandhi’s example of non-violent resistance was subsequently emulated by many leaders in various parts of the world to fight oppression and injustice. Two followers of Gandhi’s path, America’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and South Africa’s Rev. Tutu, have been recognized with the honor of the Peace Prize; however Gandhi has not.

Interestingly, Gandhi’s popularity has grown with the passage of time. Statues and streets around the world are built and named for him. Whenever peaceful resistance against injustice and oppression is discussed, pundits speak of Gandhi’s way. It is clear Gandhi does not need the Peace Prize; rather, the Peace Prize needs Gandhi for its own credibility.

Denial of the Peace Prize to Gandhi was an unjust act of cowardice and stupidity. Recently, the Nobel Foundation expressed regret for its mistake. Though the Nobel Foundation needs to do a serious evaluation of the selection process for the Peace Prize and make the necessary amendments, the first step is to correct this historic wrong by awarding the 1948 Peace Prize posthumously to Gandhi. A one time exception to the Foundation’s living person rule is justified for this purpose. Otherwise the Nobel Peace Prize will remain tainted forever.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Climate Change Debate

The publication of the emails from a top Climate Research Center in Britain shows that there is a lot of politics behind the Climate Change debate. This also confirms that the ultra left is as guilty as the ultra right in pushing its agenda by any means.

An aggressive implementation of Climate Change Program being promoted by the ultra left environmentalists will result in loss of significant number of jobs which we and the World can not afford during this recession. It is time to take a breather on this issue and keep it as a long term goal.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama’s Afghan Strategy

President Obama, in a national address today announced that he is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan by next summer on a limited mission. This decision is the right decision. However to talk about a time frame of limited period of 18 months only weakens America’s commitment and resolve. All Al Qaeda and Taliban have to do is to lie low for next 18 months and use this period to rebuild their forces and stockpile of arms and ammunition. Once Obama’s surge is over, they can go back on their old game of attacking and destabilizing the government. Instead of trying to please every one, it is time for Obama to be honest and say and do what he believes in.