Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. Obama’s Predicament

Recently there have been concerns that President Obama still seems to be in the campaign mode. President Obama election was a historic event and he is elected at a time when the United States as well as the World faces great adversities. It is important that he succeeds in his effort to steer all of us through this challenging period. However, after the initial euphoria, troubling signs are emerging in Obama’s Presidency which is of concerns.

The earlier red flag was the stimulus package. Instead of proposing, designing, directing and leading the effort on the stimulus plan, Mr. Obama deferred its design to the House and the Left wing of the Democratic Party. The final package which came out has not been effective in reviving the economy or improving the unemployment situation. A similar situation seems to exist with the Health Care Reform. What is missing is the leadership within the Administration to come up with plans to meet Mr. Obama’s goals and agenda and to coordinate with the Congress to get the required bills passed. While, Mr. Obama’s lack of Executive experience in dealing with the Legislature was known, it was expected that he will fill this gap by appointing competent advisors who have such experience. Unfortunately this is not being done effectively.

This kind of approach in foreign affairs can be risky. It is true that Mr. Obama inherited Iraq, Afghanistan and the financial crisis. No matter whose faults were these, Mr. Obama knew the cards being dealt to the new President and as the new President, he owns them now. Fortunately, with adversities come the opportunities. After all his heroes President Lincoln and later on President Roosevelt faced bigger challenges during their Presidencies and are now revered as Great Presidents.

Mr. Obama has a similar opportunity to reach greatness; the question is whether he can rise up to the challenges. I believe he can if he transcends to the next level and start acting as a President instead of the Candidate. Initially it will be tough as Mr. Obama’s natural aptitude is to be a preacher and a campaigner who wants to be loved by every one. He is also very good at it as his opponents found out during the election. His predicament and challenge is to overcome and control these natural impulses which may impact his Presidency adversely.

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